Everything you need to know about true love, part 2

Previously, we talked about “the truth” – that there is a collective truth the entire universe falls under, and then there is a personal and unique truth that each of us carry throughout our lives. That personal truth is usually different from person to person – and that’s where its getting confusing, because people think that the way they see the world or the way things are happening is always the same for everyone. The simple example from my youth is when I was living in the village and my friend and I used to drive to the city for food-shopping every now and then. Every time when my friend was driving the car we ended up parking very far from the downtown, because he couldn’t find a parking spot. He always said: “oh, there is never a parking spot available down here”. And in his world, throughout all the years that he was driving – it was actually a rock-solid truth. Sometimes we spent good thirty minutes looking around and finally unable to spot any place, we parked all the way back. “Told you”, my friend keep saying, always upset that we wasted so much time. But then every time when I was in the driver’s sit, we drove all the way deep into the city and I was able to park within minutes. Some small spot I was able to fit in, a car that just took off right in front of us, a shop owner who knew we are looking for a parking and gesture to let us in and use the spot he usually had his delivery trucks park… there was always something happening in my favor and I never had to seek for a place longer than couple minutes. My friend, of course was stunned every time this happened, and he couldn’t explain how. But the reality was that there was this truth about parking in the city – and that truth was very different to both of us. So we should be very careful when we using that word “the truth”.

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One Response to Everything you need to know about true love, part 2

  1. Rosanna says:

    Yes, most of the time “the truth” is what we believe. If what I believe it does not make sense to you or it does not work for you; as a result you would considerate it as untrue. I guess everything is about perspective and positive attitude towards things.

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