Everything you need to know about true love, part 3

There is also “the truth” that others don’t want us to know about. I think its very sad how we all got used to other people lying to us so much. Nowadays, people define “a lie” very lightly. They will call it everything else, like “a misunderstanding”, “a confusion”, or an approach that someone took not to hurt your feelings, or even more straightforward – “a white lie”. But lie is a lie, no matter how harsh that word sounds on its face, or how much we try to avoid it.

Unfortunately, we accept lies, and up to some point – invite them into our lives. Its not entirely the fault of the ones who lie, because when we were growing up, living around others – we quickly realized that telling the truth will not always benefit us. I, for once, think that the naked truth is always better than the most colorful lie. I don’t necessary have to agree with what someone says, especially when its their honest opinion, but as long as it’s the truth – at least I know what they really think of. And just because they don’t tell what they think, it doesn’t mean that their thoughts don’t exist at all, does it?

Perhaps we should look at it from a different angle. Most of the time, people choose to lie, because they know that the truth will hurt us. So maybe it is up to us to be strong enough to handle any possible truth that others will throw at us – and if we don’t let their words hurt us, maybe then, next time, they will choose truth over the lies. Yea, I would like to think that. Because what could be better than knowing what people really think about us, and then taking that knowledge and deciding what we are going keep and work on, and what we will throw away and forget. That approach can only make us stronger. And whatever it is they think, its only their own opinion – its “their truth”, one could say.

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