Everything you need to know about true love, part 4

And how about the children? Did you ever notice? – they always tell the truth, at least the youngest ones. They just say whatever they really believe in or think about and always get away with it. That’s because we know that they don’t know – just yet – how to play that game of lies and misleads. And children never get hurt by words. Sure they listen and comprehend very thoroughly and sometimes end up crying, because words do affect them. But even then, that affect is so shallow that moments later they are all fine and ready to play and be happy again with their entire mind, body and soul involved. As grownups, we shouldn’t let the words hurt us as easily as they do, although in other chapters we talked about the fact that pain helps a lot spiritually, but we won’t get any deeper into that right now.

I should also remind about our human body and always awaken brain. As you know, we are built from two very different layers: the body that is a visible part of ourselves, and the soul, which is an invisible part. Your body is controlled by your brain and your soul is loosely controlled by your soul supervisors, who have written the destiny of your current life. The way your life should be organized is that your body should listen to your brain, your brain should listen to your soul (that real immortal core of yourself), which should give your soul a chance to fulfill its higher goals. Unfortunately, on many occasions we unintentionally let our brain to take over the steering wheel. And with our mortal body’s self-awareness of a limited time that it has been given to live in a physical form on the planet Earth, our brain makes us believe that the only goal of our existence is to keep the body alive, as long as possible, and at any cost. So the brain quickly stops listening to our core and starts overwriting all higher goals assigned to your soul with its own selfish and mundane objectives. Knowing that a single life cannot be extended into eternity, one of the major goals of a selfish mind is an attempt to reproduce as fruitfully as possible. And in order to protect the body from every possible danger, the mind serves us with all sorts of tricks that we unconsciously fall for, so that the danger is usually exaggerated.

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One Response to Everything you need to know about true love, part 4

  1. Rosanna says:

    Who are the soul supervisors?

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