Everything you need to know about true love, part 5

What happens is that when we look and see the world around us, our brain constantly applies something I call “the filters”. We actually don’t see the world the way it really is; we see the reality that is skewed based on our deeply rooted fears. For example: in the wild, we don’t see a snake; we mainly see the danger that is associated with it. That’s why watching a colorful photo of a snake, no matter how vivid and lethal this reptile looks, won’t make any impression on you, and definitely will not scare you off. Same way we don’t see a person the way he or she really is. Our brain bias the reality in accordance to all the knowledge it had gathered throughout the years. It does it, so it can draw a more intense picture how harmful that someone may or may not be. By the time this assessment is completed, we don’t look at someone the way they truly are. We are looking at a set of pictures (like a finished puzzle) of a person that is assembled from all the experience, all the assumptions and all the predictions that we have had collected throughout our lifespan, up until this moment. Therefore, we don’t even give someone a chance to appear to us whom they truly are, but rather we quickly replace their real image with our brain’s skewed imagination.

Also, our brain judges others all the time, just to cheer us up. You can easy notice that children never do that. That’s because their young mind is unable to assemble another person image, because they don’t have enough information about people in general. They can’t judge you, because they can’t compare you to anyone so-called “better” or “worse”. So they look at you and see you just the way you are, with no filters and no bias. And then they smile at you with their eyes shining, because without brain trying to overwrite and tell them what they see, they can clearly see how beautiful and perfect you really are!

So now since we have recapped about the truth, lies, human body and brain, let’s jump back into the past and see how we personally got in touch with this energy called “love”.

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