Everything you need to know about true love, part 6

One of the most amazing parts of a childhood and being a child was this unique, once-in-a-life-time opportunity to discover the world for the very first time. With empty mind that can’t prejudice, this was truly an incredible experience. Unable to understand the words, or even talk, we were entirely on our own, reaching out and experiencing (sometimes joyfully, and sometimes painfully) the physical world that our soul supervisors decided to send us into. And being unable to express ourselves, using commonly known spoken language, we unintentionally preserved the real value behind things we did and things that we have owned. The favorite toy was way more than this: “a favorite toy”. It was that something that we couldn’t possibly call any names, using any human words, but we could reach it, touch it, hold it or hug it, and spent countless hours playing with it, while forgetting about the entire world around. I mean, that’s what “common language” is, right? It’s pretty much a dictionary of words that the values have been stripped down to its basics and delivered to us in a digested form, so we can all use it commonly and so-called “understand” each other. But how can a personal feeling be described to the other person, if the words we are using have been severely limited in their values? The truth is that we can’t preserve the uniqueness of our message when we are using a spoken language, whether it is English, Spanish, French, Polish, or any other language known to us, humans. That’s where, I think, most of misunderstandings in a real communication between people comes from.

But why am I even bringing this up here? Well; while obviously it’s hard to imagine a normal life without those basic skills of talking and listening, the problem is that each of us has been listening to other people since the very early age, and we have been listening far too much for far too long. I mean, its okay when we asked our parents to teach us how to open the door, how to tie shoelaces, how to use a remote control, or brush teeth. Or asked trainer how to play tennis. Or how to swim and expect that if we have a good teacher, listen carefully and practice a lot, then maybe one day we will master that sport of our interest. Unfortunately, somehow, someway, we assumed that love, just like everything else, is also a domain of knowledge. So we did exactly what we have been doing since the beginning of our days; we reach out to others and let them teach us about love.

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