Everything you need to know about true love, part 7

So we listened to our parents, to our sisters and brothers, and further to other family members, and then neighbors, friends and school mates; we also listened in our local Church. We learnt about love even from the colorful magazines and TV programs we watched for countless hours. We learnt about love from movies, songs and other forms of entertainment that our friends and families have been gradually introducing into our lives. Since our early days on, we have obtained knowledge about love from everyone and every place that we possibly could, and seemed to forget (or even worse: never knew, or never had a chance to know!) that the truth about love is unique and different to every one of us. We all need to find our very own personal way of loving, because everyone’s soul is on a very different stage of development. So nobody can show us or teach us how to love, because everything they say will only be their own, personal experience.

But we like to listen. It is way more comfortable to apply someone else’s knowledge to our own life, instead of risking on our own. I mean, we all like to succeed in no matter what it is we are trying to achieve, but how many of us like to fail? Our mind prefers to follow others, because eventually if we fail, that failure will not be our direct fault. So it is easier to live with it and move on. It’s much safer this way anyways. Besides, following others makes us feel like we are a part of a bigger plan. And our brain wasn’t designed to live and work alone.

So we listen, and boy they have so much to say! They love to talk about “true love” and they will beg you to listen. That’s because if we listen and fail with whatever they tell us to do, then their own failure won’t feel so alone anymore. It’s not a right word to use here, but it’s a win-to-win situation, and I hope you get the irony.

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