Everything you need to know about true love, part 8

So actually – what will people say to show you how much they know about love, and because of that you should listen to them, and not yourself.

They will tell you that life is a constant struggle, and that it is a real jungle out there and you should always watch your back and keep your guard up. But do you really believe that you and I were brought into this amazing world by an act of pure love (that is – an act of two people revealing secrets of their bodies and inviting one another inside, in the act of respect, happiness and understanding), and yet we should be cruel, competitive and aggressive towards each other? Sure, you put the most gentle man in an extremely hostile environment, and he will do his best to protect himself from every possible evil; that includes being ruthless and cold-blooded. While I think it is not entirely our fault and that we have already found our world to be this way, it is totally up to us to change that. All we need to do is, again, to look at the children. They live in exactly the same world as we do, but while to us it is a constant fight and struggle, to children it is such a magical place. Being unaware and not knowing the rules of all the games that we grownups are constantly playing, children always remain happy, and even when competing with each other, they do it in such a clean and friendly way.

You may say: “well yeah, but we grownups have so much to worry about in order to provide those children with food, clothes, shelter and so on”. But how about those of us, who don’t have children to provide for? And do you really believe that if someone would give you an unlimited amount of food and clothes, and let you live rent-free forever, would you honestly say that this made you live your life care-free, like children do?

People will also tell you that love is extremely curvy road, and when you love someone, you constantly have to fight for each other, and that the more you hurt, the bigger the reward, awaiting for you somewhere at the so-called “end” of your suffering. That you need to be strong and fight tough for yours. Do you believe in that? Do you really believe that the true love can have anything to do with pain? How silly that sounds: to live your live in constant fight for someone’s affections and then, at the end, to expect reward for all the pain that you have suffered, in the form of true love. To actually force someone to love you, or force them to see things the way you want them to see, so that they can “truly” love you. People want you to believe that, because after all those years of listening about love from others, they are so lost in all this confusion that they constantly end up hurt, trying to love others the way they have been thought. Real love cannot have anything to do with pain. Real love is not a result of some sort of hard work, extreme dedication, or something of that nature. That’s a domain of a relationship. That is, when two people that came from two different worlds work very hard to iron out all the differences and remain on the same page, so they can enjoy a strong and long-lasting relationship. But relationship does not always mean true love. Many couples stay together for years, without a minute filled in with love. So love is not equal to relationship.

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