Everything you need to know about true love, part 11

People will always have something to say about love. They will tell you: “if you really want to love, you need to teach your heart this or that”. But in reality, you cannot teach your heart anything.

I think we all have misconceptions when it comes to understanding our hearts. Let’s talk about your heart, for a moment.

What is your heart? Did you ever think about it? Do you believe you can teach your heart something? Love is the oldest energy in the universe; there is no reason to teach your heart about love. Your heart wasn’t even designed to learn or hold the knowledge. Think about it. To learn something means to obtain information and keep it somewhere (like in your memory), so every time you reach out, that knowledge is there, ready to serve you, to help you understand, or to inform you about something.

So when you see happy couples around, you think to yourself something like: “I need to watch them carefully and teach myself how to love. I need to work hard and develop those feelings, so that my heart can love. And then I will feel it”. So you treat your heart like its some sort of an empty chamber, waiting to be filled in; or a vacant building that is designated to become a library, full of books about love, written passionately by people from all around the world; some that did tremendous job describing their feelings in very smooth and clever way.

But it simply won’t work. Whatever you manage to teach yourself about love, it can only be kept in your memory. Don’t forget that the power of love comes from this energy that is always fresh, always new, always here and now; not yesterday, or a year ago, not even a minute ago, just right here, right now. The knowledge that your mind holds (just like you think your heart does) is always old, is always about yesterday, or a minute ago. Sure, you can teach yourself something new, but the moment that this new knowledge is shipped into your brain, it is already a matter of the past. And there is no such a thing like a new and fresh memory about “right now”. That’s why, for example – a memory of riding a roller coaster (even if you did it hundreds of times), no matter how exciting and vivid that thought is – cannot come anywhere close to a real event of a thrilled ride, happening right in this moment.

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