Everything you need to know about true love, part 12

If you compare a heart to any organ within your body, it will be rather like your eyes or ears. They are both receivers: eyes receive surroundings as a motion picture and ears receive the waves of sound and then its all being delivered to and processed by your mind. Your heart was designed similar way; to receive waves, but waves of energy we humans call “love”, and its precisely tuned into those waves. Just like your eyes or ears, the heart cannot learn knowledge or store memories. The real love is always happening right here, right now, and because memory cannot touch it, and because of that cannot seal it inside some sort of an envelope of time, then simply the rules of time do not apply to love. That’s why real love that does not come from within your mind can least forever.

So if you want to truly love someone, first you have to accept the fact that we don’t know how to love. And we never will. And that’s fine! Actually; it doesn’t matter, because just like your heart was not designed to store memories and “know something” the same way your brain wasn’t designed to love. It can only imitate what it thinks love could, or should look like. And with its hardwired nature of being competitive and hostile towards others, and with its selfish goals of trying to survive as long as possible at any cost, your brain cannot succeed in truly loving another humanbeing. It cannot come anywhere close to understanding that vivid energy that came far far away from a deep universe. It can only mimic it, sometimes very persuadably, but even then only to a certain degree, after which it will miserably fail.

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