Everything you need to know about true love, part 14

So those are the things that people will tell you about love. They will tell you that you need to listen to them, instead of yourself, because they know better. They will come up with the most logical explanation behind all the feelings that you call “love”.

But what it really means to “listen to yourself?” When it comes to real love, you cannot listen to your mind, because everything there is just a raw knowledge, learnt from other people. And no matter how simple or how complex that knowledge is, it can only come from a hard working mind.

I wish I could say: “don’t ever let anyone to ‘teach you’ how to love”, but its too late! Sadly, we are literally a sum of all the things that we have learnt about love and life from all other people, and unfortunately we live our life second-hand, because others have taught us how to love. And that’s why we don’t listen to our hearts anymore.

But that doesn’t mean our hearts are dead; or “broken”, like some say. Or when someone says: “you don’t have a heart”. We all do have hearts. And you cannot kill your heart. Your mind can numb it and hush it, so you won’t hear it anymore. And then love will become so-called “crystal clear”, because your brain will use a variety of mind-boggling tricks to convince you that what you feel is indeed a genuine love.

So by now you probably see what I’m doing here: I’m trying to defend love from placing it inside your mind, simply because it is not the right place for it. Nothing good can come out of it, and nothing ever did.

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