Everything you need to know about true love, part 15

You still have a strong heart beating in your chest, that’s for sure. A heart that connects you with this higher energy, called “true love”. Even quieted down, it will never stop whispering to you. It will keep waiting for you patiently, until the day you stop listening to your mind, or die and be reborn again. And you are not alone. Most of us have unintentionally locked our hearts and put the mind on guard. But there are still some beautiful things out there that we have never taught about, and when experienced, our heart starts calling out loud again.

Take children that we already talked about, for example. How much joy to your heart they are, when you see them interacting with this world so passionately, while learning and discovering it… or when you quietly watch a sunset on the beach (there is something mystical in that sunset; such a breathtaking moment!). Or when you smell flowers that just bloomed, or freshly cut grass; or feel the ocean breeze on your face with your eyes tightly closed. Those moments never needed to be explained to you, and no one had to teach you about what you see, because it is far beyond seeing; its truly your personal experience that happens inside your heart, and nowhere else. People can use thousands of words in a million of possible combinations, but still all they going to do is describe beautifulness. They will never create beauty, no matter how sophisticated and touchy their words become. Similarly, we don’t know love. We just know words that try to describe it. God, for example. Just how many books filled in with words, pretending to be powerful have been written over the centuries, trying to explain His almighty power and unique fairness of judgment. Look at me; even I try to use the words that will describe Him in some sort of a higher dimension that you and I could ever perceive. But the truth is that every possible word that a human language can come up with only can strip Him down from His real power, and even at its best only can become an insult. Our small brain (no matter how big you think it is) could never truly grasp a God’s power, or understand it, not to mention explain it in human words, no matter how excited, touched or exalted that brain is. If I personally could say one thing here and not insult God too much, it would be that the real God (not the one described by the priest at your Church, or by the words in the Bible, or in all other books), the real undescribed God comes to you through your heart, not your brain. You don’t have to know a single word about God to have your heart filled in with Him. You don’t need to spend days, months or years on a bench in a Church, or some cold and solitude place far from modern civilization, learning about Him, because this trick will only help you to create your own, personal God, living inside your mind. But we diverted from the subject…

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