Everything you need to know about true love, part 16

So how to hear that voice in your heart?”, you may ask. Well, your heart is always ready to start connecting with you all over again. It’s your mind that stands between the two of you. And you know it. Deep inside you can feel that your heart wants to talk with you. But after all those years of the noise that come from your mind, you feel shame to look back straight into your heart’s eyes (pardon this rather strange expression). That’s why you constantly long for those never-ending moments of action, happening in your life. That’s why you constantly need to see your friends, be in loud places, travel, hear music, watch TV, talk over the phone, be entertained in every moment of your life, so that you can push your heart away and won’t hear it calling anymore. You know perfectly well what happens when you find yourself without your friends and family, without TV, music, newspapers and magazines, without your cellphone, in a totally silent place. Without all that noise that you got used to, your mind starts literally cooking itself! It lost all those external impulses and now it feels alone without them. Right then your heart kicks in and starts talking to you, again, louder and louder. And you start listening, quietly, like in a trance, with a sad face and with your sight stuck in one place. You quickly find yourself in this state of incredibly deep and pure sadness. Yep, that’s because your mind got into a very uncomfortable zone. That’s how it feels when your heart starts talking again. It feels good, but kind of sad at the same time, like you haven’t felt this way for a long time. Its your heart! And its alive!

But then you quickly catch up with all the so-called “reality”, and your heart gets over-shouted by your mind again. Your mind is back to its comfort zone. Its noisy and your friends call and text you again, and you get back to your social website and got your music turned on. And you like it. It feels safe. It feels “normal”. And it seems to be happening to most of us. Even those highly focused on what’s happening behind the curtains of a working brain seem to act the wrong way. Instead of waking up their hearts and letting them to speak louder, they just ignore that voice and look into the deepest corners of a human brain to study what’s in there. And that knowledge makes them feel good. It answers all those questions about love, or at least their mind makes them believe so.

It is obvious that a reason why you don’t want to come close to your heart is because it would require spending a lot of time in solitude. You would literally have to cut yourself off from everything that keeps your mind occupied and, as a result, keeps your heart away. And we all are addicted to life’s noise and scared of being alone, if we don’t play this game of life by all the commonly known rules. We are so scared of being lonesome, even though we came to this world alone, and we will die alone. During the birth, we were violently removed from a quiet and secure place we’ve all known as “home” from the days we were smaller than a speck of dust, and no one was there beside us to share our pain. Similarly, when we die, we will cross that nonphysical tunnel of light on our own, with noone besides us, even if our entire family will gather around to hold our hands. But that loneliness is a very pure and beautiful thing, even though to the most of us, its just not our lives’ destiny, since by living in a physical world we can experience more throughout a teamwork.

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