Everything you need to know about true love, part 17

Someone may say: “I understand all this and how I learnt about love the wrong way, and what to do to start listening to my heart again, but every time when I try to go to that quiet place of solitude, my mind opposes way too strong, and quickly everything falls apart”. Well, my answer to that would be that you need to become a child again. And that’s not a joke! The only way to quiet down your mind and let your heart to speak out on its own again, is to reclaim your childhood. Let’s talk about this, for a moment.

If there is one thing we can all say and agree on about love, is that it is one of the purest energies out there. And that’s where we need to reach back; to those early days of our inner pureness! We need to go back to the time when we were children.

During those early days of our childhood, we can quickly notice a very disturbing thing, when looking forward at ourselves today. Because how can we become a child at heart again, when we even cannot cry anymore? Have you ever thought about this? Our skin got so thick, that most of us had forgotten when was the last time we have honestly cried. It happens time to time when a family member or a close friend dies; and all of sudden we feel detached and cry. But other than that, it doesn’t happen too often. Somewhere down the line, we have vigorously trained ourselves to never show our true feelings again – that means to cry tears. Even in the moment when we feel we wanna give up and cry, we do everything we possibly can to calm ourselves down and we fight tough to hold the tears inside. And that makes us feel that we are strong. We think it makes us brave. Children cry. Not because they are weak, but because they are honest with their feelings. That’s what makes them brave! Not to hide what they feel and run away from their own pure self-being, but rather to express themselves honestly. That is also a reason why their bodies are always so healthy and their faces glow with bliss. It happens, because when they are sad or angry, they just cry. They never let all those negative thoughts run through their system, inside their veins and then slowly dissolve into their bodies. We lost that ability to cry, so our bodies are getting out of mental and physical shape. We are getting old as fast as never before. We are constantly sad and depressed. Our immune systems are weak; women cannot have children at such an early age, while men lose vision and get bold early. And relaxing with a drink and a cigarette while watching the TV until late hours, or sharing a problem with friend, or even eating handful of prescriptions won’t do it. We can’t cry anymore when our close friend, spouse or our boss said or did something wrong, and all this negative energy remains in our systems, forever. To let it out, some people do run into heavy drinking or violence, but obviously that doesn’t help and only creates more sadness and frustration. There is no other way to become pure again, than to learn how to cry.

We all need to be able to cry again. But it only can happen when we will stop pretending that we are strong, and let our hearts to take over, every time we feel we want to break down and cry. Stop fighting with whatever it is you are holding inside, and just release it, because your tears will help you to clean your body from all the toxins that it is holding inside. It will make you feel good and during this process of cleanliness, you will start hearing your heart whispering again.

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