Everything you need to know about true love, part 18

Have you ever observed children? Whatever they do, they do it being fully immersed. Even when being angry, they are angry with their entire little person involved. And even then, they just look beautiful. Every single child that comes to this world is a unique living-being, carefully crafted from a pure soul and a healthy human body. Everyone is beautiful, whether it is Mother Theresa, Jean Paul the Second, or (and I know you are going hate me for saying that) Adolph Hitler. They all started as pure children with empty minds and very loud hearts.

If you want to see a real love, just observe children. They don’t have any idea of what love is, but still their love is always so pure. They will ask you every single question about every single thing out there in the whole wide world, and their questions may seem to never end, but how many times have you heard a child asking: “what is love?” You could think for a moment that this means that they don’t know actually how to love. Children love like noone else! They don’t hold any memories about love, so their mind always remains fresh. When it comes to love, they don’t know what to do, because they don’t hold any knowledge about it. So they don’t do anything! When children love, their minds are too inexperienced to take over the situation, so they stay quiet. And then they love with their hearts singing out loud, and with their eyes shining bright! They love with no reasons, because a heart that is awaken and vivid does not feel pleasures, like brain does, whether they are material or emotional, so it can’t be bribed with temporary feelings that selfish mind is feeding off. Imagine how our world of grownups would look like, if we could only love similar way. But what do we do instead? We learnt all this knowledge about love, then we let others to enter our lives and we wait until our mind is in this stage of a total addiction we like to call “true love”. And then with their picture as skewed as possible, the reality kicks in, and deeply hurt, we go apart. So we let others hurt our feelings, and then we devotedly learn how to hurt theirs, in return. And sadly, that’s what it is called to “be an adult”.

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