Everything you need to know about true love, part 19

I think we are all very proud to be grownups; that ability to fit into todays world of violence and cruelty. To run around and gain more and more experience of being competitive, sneaky and shrewd, and learn to be selfish and envious, so we can become so-called “successful in life”. Yep, we grew up, one can say. But how, at the same time, can we go to work and be cruel to our subordinates and secretly envy our bosses, hoping that one day we will take over their positions, and then leave work to come home and love our spouses and children with what we believe is a pure love and understanding. How is that possible? And do we really feel better now than when we were children? Do we? How is it that we have seen so much of this world, we climbed the highest mountains and dove in the deepest oceans, but yet the ability of our imagination cannot come close to the one of a five-years old? Seeing a child fully taken over by innocent play will always touch your heart. You will suddenly feel like its calling: “this is what we have lost”.

I think telling someone to “grow up” is like an insult. To me it simply means to lose all the pureness and happiness that a spiritual soul is bringing to this world. We are not talking about being a teenager; that’s a different story. Many so called “grownups” stuck in this frivolous stage, when their heart is being finally over-shouted by brain, so in a very short period of time all that pureness is gone. But that’s different. I am talking about how within the time we forgot how to be a child. We lost that ability. We lost that power to do things spontaneously when our heart used to talk to us out loud. Nowadays, everything is precisely calculated and so predictable, that this incredible journey called “life” became like a boring movie with a well-known ending. Sure, we have some fun here and there, but it seems that no matter how much entertainment is thrown at us, our mind knows it all so well, that it is not even exciting anymore. We pack our minds with daily life so much that we don’t need to go outside anymore. We could just sit home and imagine all the places and people out there. Its all inside our minds. Children don’t do that. They try not to remember too much, and that’s why they live their lives so passionately, experiencing the world to its maximum, instead of reaching in and finding it inside their minds. I wish we could do that. I wish we all could just wake up tomorrow with an empty mind, without any experience or memories, and take a first step again, to walk and feel the rays of sunshine on our face, without mind telling us how it feels, like the first time, and see passing by people, their unique and equally beautiful faces, just us, spiritually open with our hearts fully taking over the control. Without mind and memories being involved, it would be like a first touch, a first lone walk, like a first kiss, and then, we would feel awaken, like being sucked out of the land of dead that we all are living in right now. And then, I believe, we could become children at heart again.

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