Everything you need to know about true love, part 20

There is also another part of being a “proud” grownup. All adults wear masks, and that’s without exception. This is just another thing that differentiates us grownups from children. We all have plenty of masks, and we got used to using those so skillfully that a conversion from one to another happens with a blink of an eye. We all have precisely crafted variety of masks for our siblings, parents, grandparent, our spouses, children, lovers, friends and coworkers. That’s at least how many I can count, but I am sure there are more. Now, I know those masks are important. It is so sad that we need to wear them constantly, but in order to survive in this world, we really do. Just think how much different our masks are from each other. Can you imagine these horrible consequences of acting in front of your boss the way you do at home, with your spouse or parents? Or behaving with your kids the way you do around your friends? Masks do help us keep our lives organized, that’s for sure. However, I am concerned that we constantly keep wearing this or another mask, and as a result, long time ago we have lost that important touch with our true identity. I mean, do we still know who we really are? Children don’t wear masks. They don’t have them and they don’t need them. They always act the same way in front of whomever they meet on their journey. And if we are fully accepting their behave the way we do right now, even when they act quote-unquote “inappropriate”, then why, as a grownups living in the same world, we always have to hide behind different personalities?

And then, there is also that special unique mask, crafted from all the ”best” parts of other masks. Yes, this is the one we are using explicitly for meeting new people. This one is nothing like we are on a daily basis. Our mind helped us crafted it very carefully, because it has its special selfish interest in making us look better than anyone else.

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