Everything you need to know about true love, part 21

Observe very carefully what happens when you meet someone new. Even with your mind being busy working hard on determining how much of a danger that someone is to you (and by doing that, staining that person real image), even with all this work put in place, you can still feel a pure connection between the two of you, happening underneath all the masks you are wearing. By that I mean for a second, you can actually feel like you are reaching out and touching this person’s soul. It’s a short, but very ecstatic moment. It is almost like two happy dogs, seeing each other for the very first time and friendly wagging their tails, just out of curiosity. That’s how, more or less, our souls greet each other. But this blissful moment is over split-seconds later, when your mind finishes assembling a full image of person you are looking at. Nothing is original. Now you are looking at someone that has been built from many parts of all other people that you have met before. Nothing new is left here to discover. And it is not over, just yet. Next, your mind helps you put your best mask on, so that you can hide your real personality. So it is like two people that want to get to know each other, but instead all they are going to reveal are their fake masks.

It happens this way over and over again. People meet, they present their best masks to each other, they get used those unreal images, assuming everything will stay this immaculate way, and then when it gets too exhausting to maintain those false personalities, everything falls apart. Just how many times you have honestly thought you knew someone very well? How many times you did end up disappointed and couldn’t believe someone so close to you who you thought you knew so well, has said or done something totally out of line? Wearing masks is exhausting. And because of it, you are not free. You are constantly seeking the best mask to hide behind, and you use your mind help to achieve that. For that reason, your heart is constantly pushed away. And if taking off your mask and fully opening yourself will only frighten that someone you want to get to know, then it looks like they have some more work to do on their part, and are not ready, just yet, to accept you the way you truly are.

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