Everything you need to know about true love, part 22

Before we jump into the key part, it is a good moment to actually ask: “why would anyone want to know all this? And actually isn’t it ironic that we are using our own mind to explain to ourselves that we should… stop using it?” I know it sounds pretty crazy, but one of the mysterious of a human brain is that it can multiply thinking processes and be able to fully separate one process from another, at the same time.

You may be surprised how much of a contrast-thinking is happening inside single human brain. We all do it. And sometimes that contrast-thinking happens in extreme proportions. For example, think about this: why do we worry? And what do we do when we worry? Did you ever think about it? We are not 100% in charge of our mind, just in case someone says: “I live my life the way I want to, and I control it all the time”. If that’s the case, then why do we voluntarily let our minds to make us seriously sick, worrying about the things that we have no control over, or with the things that belong to the future and did not materialize just yet (and most of the time, never do). And what’s even crazier is that we let our mind to make us worry, and at the same time we approach it from a different angle and try to talk it over to… stop worrying us. What a pure madness! We always end up fighting with our own mind and usually nothing good comes out of it. Just think about all those people that are eaten up alive by their brains, lasting in horrible depressions for months or years, swallowing prescription drugs like a candy, just to survive and remain awaken for one more day. It is truly sad to think what a human brain can do to its own body.

And why would anyone want to know all this? Well, because love is the most important energy to every living organism. And deep inside, we all want to purely love another humanbeing, and we miss those early days when love felt fresh and was a surprise; an unpredictable force, driven by a vivid heart and not by a conditioned and well-trained mind. But of course no one, including myself, can force you to listen to my words. You really don’t need to, because it is all already hardwired deep inside you. Just listen to your heart as passionately as you can. Give it all the attention it longs for and simply ignore your mind’s cravings. You will then go further than any of my words can take you!

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