Everything you need to know about true love, part 23

I think it is very important to expose all those tricks that our mind is constantly serving us, because this way we can understand how our mind loves (or rather: fails to love), just like it is wise to know a lot about Africa, before going for a long trip. In this example, understanding how to behave around wild animals, which plants are lethal, or which can help you to survive if you get lost in a deep jungle definitely can be a crucial knowledge in sustaining your life. Or like a simple things; like knowing not to carry a fire around explosives. Those basics can save lives! We are talking about saving lives here, right? You remember that very high divorce rate (50 percent) that I have mentioned earlier? And those are only divorce cases that have been approved by the judge. One could only wonder how many couples from the remaining 50 percent are living in separation and financially cannot afford the divorce, or there are other aspects involved, like children’s custody, or simply one side is not ready, just yet, to come upfront with this life-changing decision, whether to themselves or to their spouse.

It is obvious when you decide to marry someone, you want to marry for a lifetime. And everyone desires great things happening in their lives: loving husband or wife, beautiful children, trustworthy friends, comfortable house, well-paid job, and so on. And no one is marrying with a plan to divorce, I think. But couples do divorce, all the time. It is never a simple decision, and usually divorce is already a very emotionally-draining process. And not everyone gets as far as divorce. How about all those horrifying stories of one killing another for love? No spouse believes it may happen to him or her, but it did happen many times before. The truth is that in the world we are living in, bad things happen to good people, just like good things happen to morally bad ones. By you know by now that if you love using your heart, you cannot kill someone. It is when your mind is so addicted and so overtaken by someone else’s personality that it develops a perfect image of that someone, and this image is so out of touch with reality that every time when you deal with that person, you can’t stand the difference anymore. Then one day your crazy mind decides to “fix it”, and the violence unleashes. And really there is no way to predict it. It is not like it happens only in poor families, or in the families with a history of physical abuse; nope. It can happen anywhere. And divorce is already an extremely painful experience on its own. Just think how many unkept promises, how many sleepless nights, how many broken hearts and how many tears had been cried, when divorce starts to materialize. And how often divorce is an easy task? You know; with no broken house, with children being totally okay with it, with finances being easily divided, and finally, with spouses being respectful towards each other, when in reality they try their best to throw away all the memories about sharing their lives together, forget about this huge mistake of marrying, and quickly move on. I honestly don’t think you will find many couples that can easily say it was a pleasure going through a divorce, and even given a chance, they would have never turned back the time not to marry in the first place. And divorce happens mostly when couple feels like their love is gone, and from that moment on, it is a fast lane downhill. But now you know that real love cannot be “gone”. “Love” will be gone when one’s mind will get tired of feeling what it feels, and will decide to move on. But that has nothing to do with true love. Just think about all the marriages that can be saved so easily, only if they knew that the so-called “love” they believe in (and now is gone) had nothing to do with their pure hearts, but rather with their lost and confused minds, that tried their best at mimicking true love, and at the end, just miserably failed. Those couples’ approach is justified, of course, because they have honestly thought that they are listening to their noble hearts, and had no idea about all the tricks that their minds are playing so cruelly, at their emotional expense.

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